Beate Buegler Marston

I grew up in Portugal, India, and Germany and have spent my adult life in the US. My early exposure and connection to very different cultures, and the resulting memories of that experience provide the material for the ideas which find expression in my work.

My fascination with clay began early in life, when I first saw a pot emerge from a lump of clay by the skilled hands of a rural potter.

I currently live in St. Petersburg, Florida and in 1993 I began working in clay. Although I am primarily self-taught, I have learned from many talented and gifted local clay artists, and I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in workshops given by some of the best known American clay artists: Don Reitz, Paul Soldner, Rudy Autio, Peter Voulkos, Mel Jacobson, Tom Coleman.

I have been a studio potter since 1996 exploring the various aspects of clay as circumstances have allowed me to.  For me clay is an endlessly exciting medium, providing countless challenges and varying directions that pique my interest and make me want to explore it evermore.

Although I enjoy making wheel-thrown functional ware, my real joy is hand building sculptural pieces. The relatively slow hand building process provides opportunity for contemplation of the material, the process and the evolution of the sculpture as I am working on it. This dialog between the piece and myself establishes a relationship, the nature of which remains personal but is there, waiting to be discovered by the viewer and, ideally, sparking his/her own connection to the piece.